In the entries below, you will find updates from our principal, Sidyne Mavodza. He has a passion for building the churches of Zimbabwe and southern Africa through the education of Christian leaders, ministers, and teachers at Zimbabwe Christian College. Sidyne holds a degree from Hope International University in California. He is married to Concilia, and they have three children.

August 30, 2020

In a world where bad, negative and fake news have become the thing, I woke up this Sunday to hear some amazingly uplifting news from some of our graduates:

Stephen Muleya in the Binga area had a very successful outreach program out in the villages around his area. He working together with two of our recent graduates, Phin Mwinde and Gershom Mugande have reached out to over a hundred people in their villages with the Gospel. It is encouraging that the seeds of the Gospel have been sown.

Norman Kapesa in Bankets reports that the church is greatly blessed by his services and the work is growing. 

Adenty Mupfuma who started a new church recently in Bulawayo reports amazing growth and expansion of the kingdom.

I am highly encouraged to hear of the positive things God is doing through our graduates. Thank you for all the support and prayers.

building churches in mozambique

This structure is a church building under construction during this lockdown in Mozambique. Jemuse Chitlango, our graduate is ministering in his village in the country of Mozambique. The kingdom continues to expand even under lockdown

norman kapesa &

jemuse chitiango

Norman Kapesa is to the right, in blue suit and holding books. That was a few months before his graduation from the college. Standing with him is Jemuse Chitlango from Mozambique.

adenty mupfuma

A young man who is very passionate about reaching out to people with the message of Christ. He has worked harder during the lockdown to help start a new church in the Tshabalala suburb of the city of Bulawayo.

August 21, 2020

Our world is awash with negative stories as nations battle with the corona virus, and it is very easy to lose sight of what God is doing. 

I just want to share some exciting news of what God is doing in the midst of this crisis.


My office gets constant feedback from what our students and graduates are doing in ministry. One of those that have shared with me is Adenty Mupfuma.

Soon after he finished his studies with us, Adenty's desire was to preach Christ to people who did not know Christ. He was very passionate about starting a church in an area where Christ was not known.

Coming from a very humble, rural family, Adenty was one of those students who benefited from the college's scholarship fund. 

Soon after completing his studies in June 2020, Adenty moved to Bulawayo to stay with an aunt who was not a Christian. His ministry started right there. 

In the month of July 2020, Adenty had started a small group which included his aunt, her husband and their 6 children. With time, 2 more young people from the same community joined them. By the second week of August, another family of 3 was joined to the group. 

Currently, an average of 18 people are meeting each Sunday for worship. The group is now looking for a bigger and more convenient room to worship from. Plans are in place to expand the church's influence.

Such is the beautiful and encouraging story of the First Christian Church of Bulawayo.


One of those who benefited from a scholarship fund was Norman Kapesa. Norman enrolled to train for ministry three years ago. At the time he was helping a small congregation in the small, agricultural town of Banket. The congregation averaged 25 people in attendance every Sunday. 

Banket is only 60km away from the college, so Norman was able to visit the congregation every other Sunday to assist during their services when he was in college. 

Soon after graduation in June 2020, Norman went back to the same church and has continued to work with the growing congregation. Currently the congregation, which has continued to meet in small groups during the lockdown averages 107 -112 in attendance every Sunday. 

It is very encouraging to witness what God is doing through our graduates even during these difficult times. It is fulfilling to notice the positive impact of the college through its graduates.


As we look at the possibility of resuming our training of people for ministry, Zimbabwe Christian College looks forward to having its biggest class of first year students. We are excited that God is calling people to be trained but we also understand the challenges that our people face. Most of our people, especially from the rural villages cannot afford to raise the fees for attending college. 

Currently it costs $300 per semester to send a student through Zimbabwe Christian College. Our target is to enroll a total of 40 new students. So far, 15 are able to raise their own fees through families and churches here in Zimbabwe. The remaining 25 are from very poor families and from rural village churches which genuinely struggle but certainly need to be fed spiritually. If we train people and send them back to their communities, we would have sown good seeds for these communities. 

Prayers and Requests:

1. Please help us to pray for the fees for the 25 new students. Giving towards the fees of one student today will change communities in the next few months as we have witnessed with Norman, Adenty and their colleagues. If God is challenging you to adopt a student, please do. If you are moved to do just a one donation, please do. God bless you as you think about this.

2. Praise God for the expansion of the kingdom through our graduates.

3. Pray for our graduates, Norman, Adenty and others so God can guide and strengthen them as they preach.

4. Pray for the college's monthly needs. As difficult as our situation is, the college needs to continue training people for ministry.